Enjoy the strength and durability of concrete combined with the impact and attractiveness of custom decorative finishes with ConCreate®.

ConCreate® provides design solutions with a variety of colour combinations, stamped and exposed finishes, coloured borders, variegated or translucent colour effects and geometric patterns.


Coloured ConCreate®

Compatible with a variety of finishes, coloured concrete is both practical and esthetically pleasing.  Explore the design options available through various colour combinations and stamped and exposed finishes.

Stamped ConCreate®

Stamped concrete is fast becoming the decorative finish of choice for homeowners, builders and architects. By stamping three-dimensional patterns into coloured concrete, the concrete can be transformed to replicate the natural beauty of slate, cobblestone, brick, tile or various other designs.

Exposed ConCreate®

Exposed aggregate finishes are highly versatile and often used to complement a stamped finish or plain concrete.  Rugged and resistant to heavy traffic, exposed aggregate finishes boast low maintenance as well as natural beauty.


Protect your investment by utilizing these easy care tips to keep your coloured concrete looking great.

Concrete Sealers

Concrete sealers help to protect concrete from damage due to exposure to de-icing agents and freeze-thaw cycles while repelling oil, grease, water and stains.  

  • Seal your concrete with a quality sealer.
  • It is imperative to apply the sealer during the first year after your concrete has been placed and prior to the first frost.
  • A regular re-sealing program should be scheduled every one to two years.


  • Schedule periodic cleaning to avoid the gradual accumulation of dirt.  The most effective method of cleaning your ConCreate® surface is chemical free, low pressure power washing.

Snow & Ice Removal

  • Snow and ice should be removed with a plastic snow shovel.
  • Avoid the use of de-icing salts.
  • Refrain from ice chipping.