High-Flow® concreteis a superior self- consolidating concrete product with performance characteristics that meet and exceed those of conventional concrete, and is ideal for use in areas of highly congested structural reinforcement.

High-Flow® concrete boasts both enhanced flow-ability without segregation and exceptional finish qualities, making it an ideal product for architectural, commercial, industrial and precast applications.


Ease of Placement

  • Easier placement by pump, crane or chute
  • Virtually self-leveling
  • No segregation
  • Increased design flexibility for both horizontal and vertical applications
  • Enhanced performance with conventional stripping characteristics
  • Little or no vibration required, resulting in elimination of high noise levels on job sites

Exceptional Finish

  • Smooth surfaces
  • Marked reduction of surface defects such as honeycombing and bugholes
  • Allows for a variety of architectural finishes and esthetically pleasing concrete


  • Reduced pour times and placing labour
  • Little or no vibration requiredEarly stripping strengths
  • Virtually eliminates the need for surface touch ups


  • Superior strength development

“CANA used Inland Concrete’s HIGH-FLOW self-consolidating concrete for all of the columns on the Calgary Courts Centre. With the fast track schedule, this decision proved to be advantageous as the product has exceeded our expectations. The high fluidity enabled efficient placing of the concrete, eliminating the requirement for vibration. This is not only resulted in increased productivity, but also a very consistent and high quality finish.”

Fabrizio Carinelli, P.Eng.
Project Manager, CANA Management Ltd.


“Precon Precast Products has experimented with HIGH-FLOW concrete for the past 3 years. Inland Concrete has tailored a mix design specifically for one of our larger products that requires 3 to 7 cubic meters in a single pour. This HIGH-FLOW mix allows us to pour a heavily reinforced product without the use of any internal or external form vibration. Our pour times are reduced dramatically and the resulting product has a superior appearance. The aggressive set times experienced from HIGH-FLOW concrete allows us to easily pour this product daily.

Precon Precast Products has certainly benefited from the use of HIGH-FLOW concrete and in the future we plan to explore and maximize the use of this product in more of our manufacturing.”

Alan Sparks
General Manager, Precon Precast Products



Density 2200kg/m3 - 2400kg/m3 (comparable to conventional concrete)
Compressive Strength Typical 7-day values greater than 35 MPa
28 day values designed to meet your project specification needs
Shrinkage Similar or less than conventional concrete mixes
Modulus of Elasticity Similar or superior to conventional mixes of similar strength
Air Entrainment Available in a variety of ranges

Please contact your local sales representative for additional product specifications.