The superior strength of the SUPERWALL® concrete series provides foundation solutions for long term durability for all soil conditions.

The SUPERWALL® concrete series is part of the PERFORMX® series of mixes Inland Concrete has developed for residential walls, grade beams and footings in compliance with CSA requirements. The SUPERWALL® concrete mix designs vary in strength to suit all residential soil conditions.


Superior Strength

Improved long term strength gain
Designed in various strengths to meet current CSA requirements
Increased water tightness

Highly Economical

  • Competitively priced mixes that meet CSA A23.1-09 Table 2 & 3 requirements
  • Time savings as a result of standard stripping times, pumpability and timely backfills
  • Ideal for ICF systems

Increased Flowability

  • Improved workability due to enhanced mix designs
  • Excellent pumping characteristics
  • Ease of placement

Extremely Convenient

  • Simplified ordering

Environmentally Friendly

  • Mix designs developed with sustainability in mind

Summary of CSA Tables 2 & 3

SUPERWALL®Concrete Mix Class of Sulphate Exposure Degree of Exposure Minimum Specified 56 day Compressive Strength (MPa) Maximum Water/Cementing Ratio Air Content Cement Type
SUPERWALL®35 S-1 Very Severe 35 .40 Air Category 2 HS/HSb
SUPERWALL®32 S-2 Severe 32 .45 Air Category 2 HS/HSb
SUPERWALL®30 S-3 Moderate 30 .50 Air Category 2 HS/HSb
SUPERWALL®28 Not specified Not specified 28* Not specified Air Category 2 GU/GUb
SUPERWALL®25 Not specified Not specified 25* Not specified Air Category 2 GU/GUb
SUPERWALL®20 Not specified Not specified 20* Not specified Air Category 2 GU/GUb

*Strength designated in 28 days

Inland Concrete provides SUPERWALL® mixes with 28-day compressive strengths of 20 MPa, 25 MPa and 28 MPa for areas where the sulphate concentrations are considered negligible. These mixes are for use at the discretion of the homebuilder.
Inland Concrete recommends seeking advice from a consulting engineer to ensure that the appropriate product is purchased for each location and application.


Inland Concrete has developed the SUPERWALL® concrete series in compliance with the CSA A23.1-09 Table 2 & 3 specifications for instances where the concrete may be subjected to sulphate attack. The above table summarizes CSA Tables 2 & 3 (with additional information for areas where sulphate concentrations are considered negligible) and provides quick reference for the applicable SUPERWALL® concrete mix.