Inland Concrete’s Workhorse mixes are the steady and reliable core of our mix offerings. In fact, many of our specialized mixes contain properties derived from the base of a Workhorse mix.

Inland Concrete has a long-standing history providing products our customers can rely on. We’ve been testing and refining our mixes over the years to ensure that they are tried and true. Our perfected designs optimize performance at an affordable cost.

Here is what you can expect from the Inland Concrete Workhorse family of mixes:

Reliable Performance

  • Mixes have been shown to meet their 28-day* strength with consistent results.


  • Affordable pricing on all our products.


  • Mixes protect against aggregate alkali reactivity (AAR).
  • Long-term strength gains continue to 91 days and beyond.

Workhorse mixes are available in both air entrained and non-air mixes with strengths that range from 20 MPa to 45 MPa.

*56-day strengths also available upon request.

Combine our Workhorse mixes with our Redi-Slump, pre-engineered slump, for reliable strengths combined with ease of placement. Together, Workhorseand Redi-Slump can satisfy a wide variety of your concrete requirements.