Regina Price List






EZ Floor® Basement Floor 25MPa 140+/-30mm 223.5
DuraDrive® Driveway, Garage, Sidewalk, Patio 32MPa 80+/-30mm 246
ConCreate® Exposed  Driveway, Sidewalk, Patio 32MPa 80+/-30mm 270
Superwall Series™ Footings, Foundation Walls 30MPa 140+/-30mm 243
Superwall Series™ Sulphate Resistant (S-3) Footings, Foundation Walls 30MPa 80+/-30mm 236
Superwall Series™ Sulphate Resistant (S-2) Footings, Foundation Walls 32MPa 80+/-30mm 246
Superwall Series™ Sulphate Resistant (S-1) Footings, Foundation Walls 35MPa 80+/-30mm 252
For Non-Residential Projects please contact our Sales Department 306-757-6601      


Environmental $4.5/m³  On all concrete orders 
Minimum order .5m³ for 20 MPa and lower       
Beyond city limits Priced on request
Waiting Time $90/hr
Small delivery $106 per Load Under 4m³/$132.5 per Load under 5m³ outside city limits
Saturday & after hour delivery

Equal overtime costs divided by the number of cubic metres

Regular hours 7:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday

Holiday and Sunday by arrangement only. $500 Plant opening Fee

Returned Concrete Charges  If more than 2m³ returned at the end of pour $5/m³ on excess
Winter heat $14.00/m³ from Octoberand April. $20/m³ from Nov 1 - Mar 31.
Fuel surcharge $1.5/m³  On all concrete orders 


Accelerator $5.5/1% chloride, $15/1% non-chloride
Standard Superplasticizer $7.5/m³ for 140mm+/- 30mm,$15/m³ for 170mm+/- 30mm
14mm Aggregate $24/m³   
Sulphate Resistance $5.25/m³ for HSe, $5.25/m³ for HS
Fibres  Micro fibres (crack reduction)- $25 per 900 Gram Bag
Macro Fibre (structural) - $65 per 2.3kg bag
Steel Fibres - $3.25 per kg
Temperature control (ice charges) Priced on request
Coloured Concrete Standard Colour $65/unit
  Specialty Colour $250/unit
Hard-Wear® Integral floor hardener $65/m³
Hydration Stabilizer $17/m³

Prices do not include GST or PST